Friday, November 6, 2015

"Why You SHOULD Watch, Read, and Listen to Everything We Recommend"

We here at Pop Kulture Anti-Heroes consume media in massive quantities (when we are not working at our soul-sucking-college adviser-never-told-you-about-dead-end-jobs-designed-for-humanities-majors.)  All of us are post-college grads with advanced degrees in Cultural Studies. For we view ourselves as the self appointed humble arbiters of good taste in today's increasingly diverse pop cultural landscape.  We watch everything and will go to extreme lengths to display the high mass culture IQ we attained from our Grad School seminars, Starbucks fueled blog-a-thons, and the daily devotionals we pay to The A.V. Club. Our goal is to promote discussion but keep in mind we are always right.  We are progressive minded with a libertarian slant.   We are eclectic and have our own set of quirky pleasures (all of us are quirky) ((and love to demonstrate our quirkiness)). So whether you are a Star Wars geek, comic book geek, music geek, fashion geek, lit theory geek or hipster geek > (that's us) we'll guide you on what to consume and how to sound smart in front of your friends. We pledge to keep our readers informed on everything they didn't know but were afraid to ask on The Lord of the Rings. We will explain to you why Howard the Duck is one of the cinematic masterpieces of the late 20th century (that's an 80s reference, get used to those).

We take ourselves very seriously and hope you will as well..

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